DYaWYHgUQAAJkOEeditedThe Universitat de Barcelona Business School took part in the Futura Master’s and Post-graduate Exhibition for the fourth consecutive year. The school showed its offering for the academic year 2018-2019, including the MSc in Business Research, the PhD in Business, the Executive MBA and the recently launched MSc in International Business. Many students approached the UB Business School in the Faculty of Economics and Business stand. Visitors were provided with first-hand information about courses, application requirements and scholarships.

The exhibition took place between March 16th and 17th 2018. On the first day, the director of the Career Services at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Raquel Villero Pi, offered a talk titled “Potencia el teu talent!” at the Speaker’s Corner of the Futura Exhibition. She explained how a postgraduate programme can boost a professional career based on her experience with human resources professionals. Raquel Villero Pi also provided advice on how to capture one’s strengths in the CV in order to submit a successful candidature for a postgraduate programme.

In addition to the UB Business School programmes, the Faculty of Economics and Business stand showcased a total of 14 additional official master degrees in Economics, Business, Sociology, Statistics and interdisciplinary subjects, as well as a wide range of UB-specific degrees. The complete list of master degrees of the University of Barcelona is available on the website of the institution.