For 17 years, the Universitat de Barcelona has pioneered the training in methodologies for data analysis in evolutionary biology in Spain. Since 2003, the renowned course on ‘DNA phylogenies and genealogies’ organized by Julio Rozas and Marta Riutort has served as a catalyzer to the professional development of more than 400 evolutionary biologists, ranging from master students to group leaders. With the advent of high-throughput sequencing (HTS), the methodologies for the study of evolution have shifted towards a higher analytical complexity strongly linked to the magnitude of big data that needs to be necessarily accommodated in state-of-the-art teaching programs. In 2019, the course underwent a major revamping to adapt its content to the use of high-throughput sequencing data. Moreover, the updated course is now offered in English, to reach and attract additional international participants. The course aims to provide a thorough and rigorous training on the use of phylogenetic and coalescent-based methods to infer evolutionary mechanisms and history at the inter- and intraspecies level using high-throughput sequencing data. The course will cover the main methods of phylogenetic inference, molecular dating, species delimitation, and methodologies based on the coalescence theory to infer demographic history and determine the impact of natural selection and adaptation. Special emphasis will be put to developing hands-on expertise in the use of the state-of-the-art software and explaining through practical cases the current and future applications of phylogenetic methods.

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The course is addressed to graduate and postgraduate researchers that need to learn how to handle HTS data to infer population history, phylogenetic relationships, estimate divergence times or many other applications of tree-based evolutionary methods.



Miquel Arnedo
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University of Barcelona

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University of Barcelona

Alba Enguídanos

University of Barcelona

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