Question marks 

  • Direct questions

    Place a question mark at the end of any sentence that is a direct question.

    Exemple correcte Who wrote that report?

    If the question is a direct quotation, repeating the speaker’s exact words, a question mark is still used.

    Exemple correcte “Who wrote that report?” she asked.

  • Other types of questions

    • Indirect questions

      Do not use a question mark in an indirect question, in which the speaker’s exact words are not repeated. Use only a full stop, since the whole sentence is now a statement.

      Exemple correcte She asked who had written that report.

    • Courtesy questions

      If a request or instruction is put as a question for reasons of courtesy, do not use a question mark.

      Exemple correcte Would you please fill in and sign the attached application and submit it before the end of the month.
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