Square brackets 

Square brackets are less common than round brackets. They are primarily used in three situations.

  • Clarifications within quoted text

    Use square brackets to set off a clarification within quoted text.

    Exemple correcte The Rector said of the coming budget debate: “Never in all my years as rector have I had to make such a difficult decision about such a useful programme [grants for young researchers] affecting so many”.

  • Optional or tentative text

    Use square brackets to indicate text that is optional or still open to discussion.

    Exemple correcte The implementation of the project will be the [joint] responsibility of the School of Education [and the Office of External Relations].

  • Brackets within brackets

    Use square brackets to indicate parenthetical elements that are already in round brackets.

    Exemple correcte A large multilateral organisation (e.g., the World Bank [WB]) has the following characteristics…
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