Subjects, courses, degrees and disciplines 

When referring to subjects, courses and degrees in general terms, use lower case.

Exemple correcte Three students failed their mathematics exam.

Exemple correcte My mother has just enrolled on a course in computer programming for senior citizens.

Exemple correcte Bernard is studying a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

When referring to the official titles of subjects, courses and degrees, use title-style capitalisation.

Exemple correcte Three students failed Advanced Mathematics I.

Exemple correcte The enrolment for the course Computer Programming for Beginners ends on 27 March.

Exemple correcte The Master’s Degree in Biochemistry teaches students how to use chromatographic techniques.

The names of disciplines should be lowercased.

Exemple correcte Although anthropology is easy to define, it is difficult to describe.

Exemple correcte The course provides students with training in research into oenology and biotechnology.
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