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The University of Barcelona’s Style Guide brings together and develops different documents produced by the English Section of the Language Quality Work Group of the Vives Network of Universities, in which the University of Barcelona participates. To date, these include the Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Institutional Texts in English (Manual d’estil interuniversitari per a la redacció de textos institucionals en anglès), the Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing End-of-Degree Projects in English and the Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Course Guides in English, which were all completed with the support of an Interlingua grant from the Government of Catalonia.

The UB’s Style Guide aims to facilitate interuniversity communication and improve the quality of the institutional and academic English-language documents produced at our university. Loosely modelled on existing style manuals, including the Commission Style Guide of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation and The Chicago Manual of Style, the Guide is organized into different sections addressing specific and general aspects of institutional and academic language style and providing examples of model documents.

The University of Barcelona’s Language Services would like to thank all those people who participate each year to extend and improve the Style Guide, from our colleagues in other institutions to the Language Services’ own grantholders.

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Darrera actualització: 22-4-2023
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