Academic research

Professors and researchers associated with the Cultural Management Programme are integrated in different research groups, that are part of the PhD Programme in Society and Culture. In particular, there are 3 main research areas in the field of  Cultural and Heritage Management :

1. Analysis of the economy, the markets and the cultural organisations. It includes research on economy of culture and heritage, cultural and creative industries, cultural supply and demand, economic impact and assessment, organizational models and cultural marketing, among others.
Directors de recerca: Lluís Bonet, Montserrat Pareja and Anna Villarroya

2. Cultural dynamics and models of social and governmental intervention. It includes research on cultural policy, organisational models and cultural work, social and cultural psychology, urban dynamics, cultural governance, cultural law and legislation, intercultural dynamics, consumption, practices and uses of leisure time, lifestyles, identities and processes of accomodation, among others.
Directors de recerca: Lluís Bonet, Núria Codina, Arturo Rodríguez-Morató, Xavier Torrens and Anna Villarroya

3. Museology, management and presentation of the heritage. It includes research on museology, nclou recerca en museologia, patrimonialization processes, museography, heritage education, cultural tourism and heritage management, among others.
Research directors: Gaspar Coll, Rosa Creixell, Margarita Diaz-Andreu, Xavier Hernàndez, Llorenç Prats, Xavier Roigé, Joan Santacana, Núria Serrat and Jordi Tresserras

Given the variety of academic disciplines across the Cultural Management Programme, researchers take part in a large number of Research groups. Among the most relevant are: