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What you will learn

The bachelor's degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona stands out for the variety and richness of methodological and conceptual approaches that are covered, as it offers different conceptions of philosophical activity.
Philosophy graduates must be able to develop logic and argumentation skills, a command of the language and creativity in the area of ideas, and manage and have a great capacity for reflection and analysis. In short, they must have sound, broad knowledge of the theoretical study of abstract problems and areas of discussion and debate.

Philosophy studies are considered appropriate for people who have taken other university courses and want to add to their training by examining in greater depth aspects of the foundations of knowledge and cross-cutting, interdisciplinary issues or issues of general theoretical interest.
This qualification enables graduates to work in secondary and further education, in the field of research and in the areas of culture and communication.

Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities
Faculty or school: Faculty of Philosophy

What you will need

In addition to the abilities required of any university student (responsibility, commitment, initiative, willingness to work in a team, etc.) applicants should have a broad interest in culture and general curiosity about all aspects of knowledge, interest in developing logic and argument skills, a command of language, capacity to reflect and analyse, enjoyment of reading and working with texts, and an interest in the theoretical study and discussion of abstract problems. It is very important to have a high level of oral and written expression in Catalan and Spanish and a good level in a third language.

Distribution of credits

Subject area typeECTS credits
Basic training60
Compulsory placements0
Compulsory final project6

Subjects (information available in Catalan)

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain.

Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements.

Fields in which you can work

  • Cultural management.
  • Media consultancy.
  • Bioethics consultancy.
  • Consulting