Universitat de Barcelona

Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

What you will learn

The principles and applications of physical activity and sport sciences and the knowledge, skills and abilities required to engage in effective professional practice.

Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences
Faculty or school: National Institute for Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) (UB-affiliated)

What you will need

Basic knowledge of biology, physics, maths, natural sciences, geography and subjects related to psychology and sociology.

The physical fitness required to maintain a constant rhythm of work in physical and sporting activities, and proven skills in swimming.

The potential to acquire interdisciplinary skill in the subject, learner autonomy, and social and communication skills.

The potential to acquire responsible professional attitudes to the environmental context in which physical education is practiced, sensibility to its social context and an understanding of values education in physical activity and sport.

Distribution of credits

Subject area typeECTS credits
Basic training60
Compulsory placements6
Compulsory final project6

Subjects (information available in Catalan)

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain.

Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements.

Fields in which you can work

Physical education.
The design and implementation of regimes (physical exercise, diet, etc.) to promote, maintain and improve physical health.
The design and implementation of recreational sport and tourism.
Physical training.
Professional coaching in specialist areas of sport.
Private coaching.
Sport management.