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Aporia- Grup de Recerca en Filosofia Contemporània, Etica i Política

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Recogised research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Aporia Research Group aims to study and analyse the field of contemporary thought, with a strong focus on the philosophical, ethical and political discourse in the technological world. Aporia¿s name is referenced throughout the recovery of Socratic heritage as an uncovered and problematic situation of contemporary philosophy. In a particular situation such as this, keeping philosophical vocation alive is a necessary condition for maintaining its power of social transformation, especially through an accurate discussion amongst ourselves as well as with great thinkers.

UNESCO codes: 630608 - Sociologia de la ciència (vegeu 7103.04) / 710304 - Ètica de la ciència (vegeu 6306.08) / 590214 - Política científica i tecnològica

Key words: 031189 - Diseño cultural / 023105 - Riesgo Social / 023385 - Filosofía de la tecnología / 031887 - Diseño social / 027423 - Responsabilitat Social

Thematic area: 1000 - Humanitats

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