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Enginyeria de processos d'oxidació avançada

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Recogised research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Advanced oxidation processes are characterized by the generation of hydroxyl radicals, highly oxidizing species, capable of degrading and even mineralizing large amounts of contaminants present in municipal and industrial wastewater. The generation of radicals can be made via ozone, a common use of ultraviolet radiation and hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet radiation and TiO2-type semiconductors, electrochemical cells, etc. At present, we have five different facilities on a pilot plant scale to carry out advanced oxidation experiments. One of the main objectives is the study of the degradation of organic pollutants, such as drugs, pesticides, plasticizers, etc. which are refractory to conventional biological treatment. The interest of the study is based on the need to use chemical methods (oxidants) to treat some refractory contaminants trying not to include strange substances in the environment.

In recent years, the research lines have been directed mainly to the study of regeneration of water from sewage effluents, by integrating advanced chemical treatment with other technologies (such as biological processes or technologies of membrane). The research group has extensive experience in the study of the elimination of emerging contaminants, such as drugs, pesticides, flame retardants, etc., as well as in microbiological contamination and the elimination of organic matter. More over, the group has been active in the field of photo-reactor design and modeling and in the optimization of advanced oxidation processes, where the research team has numerous papers published in international journals.

UNESCO codes: 330810 - Tecnologia d'aigües residuals (vegeu 3305.30) / 331000 - Tecnologia industrial (vegeu 5311)

Key words: 000943 - Fotoquímica / 016004 - Ozono / 100398 - Tractaments d'aigües residuals / 032032 - Fenton

Thematic area: 6000 - Enginyeria i Arquitectura

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  • Advanced Oxidation processes for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Integration of water treatment processes for water reuse

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