Universitat de Barcelona

Metabolisme lipídic i lipases: obesitat i estrès (MELLOE)

General information

Recogised research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Our group has a long trajectory in the study of metabolism at physiological and molecular level (animal models and human).

Lipid metabolism. We study the lipid metabolism and the regulation of lipoprotein lipase (LPL), an enzyme related to physiopathological situations such as atherosclerosis, stress or obesity.

Obesity. We study the metabolic changes that take place in obesity, in the comorbidities associated with morbid obesity and the metabolic effects of bariatric surgery, in collaboration with hospitals.

Apo A-IV. In the field of non-invasive clinical diagnosis, we studied the use of plasma levels of Apo A-IV as a marker of intestinal pathologies such as short bowel or Crohn's diseases.

Transference. We created CEREMET, a scientific and technical service, to carry out transference projects with companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrifood sectors. Since 2010 we have the ISO9001 certification.

UNESCO codes: 320502 - Endocrinología / 230217 - Metabolisme intermediari

Key words: 000812 - Estrés / 001256 - Lipoproteína lipasa / 001257 - Lipoproteínas / 006205 - Adrenalina / 025047 - Factor de creixement epidèrmic (EGF)

Thematic area: 4000 - Ciències de la Vida

Further information

Research lines

  • Lipidic metabolism and lipases
  • Apo AIV and intestinal disease
  • Obesity and associated comorbidities
  • Tansference activity (CEREMET-UB) under ISO9001

Group coordinator

  • Peinado Onsurbe, Julia

Group members