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Materials for energy, photonics & Catalysis (ENPHOCAMAT)

General information

Recogised research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya

The group 'Materials for energy photonics and catalysis' (ENPHOCAMAT) focuses its activity on the search of advanced materials through the production, treatment, structural and compositional characterization, physical-chemical functionality, photonic characterization of materials in general and of nanometric structures. All these activities are aimed at catalysis, photonics and energy applications, as well as the formation and diffusion of knowledge. The group has the necessary infrastructure for the production of materials through technologies in the steam phase (CVD and PVD), mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and laser treatment for the production of nanostructures and for their functionalization. In addition, the group is made up of a team of researchers who are experts in the structural and compositional characterization, optics and photonics, and in surface and analysis techniques, to carry out the study of the properties of materials and nanomaterials in the face of its applications.

UNESCO codes: 331200 - Tecnologia de materials / 330301 - Tecnologia de la catàlisi / 531205 - Energia (vegeu 3322)

Key words: 035084 - Fotónica / 028723 - Catàlisi / 025000 - El.lipsometria / 025251 - Nanomaterials / 251257 - Emmagatzemament d'energia

Thematic area: 3000 - Ciències

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Research lines

  • New nanostructured materials
  • Nanostructured carbon supercapacitors

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