If you are a professor or a staff member from a foreign institition willing to come to ours for teaching, research or training purposes, here you will find all the information you need to do so!

General information

Our faculty and office organizes staff trainings but, due to the high number of petitions we receive and organizational and functional needs, only some of them can be accommodated. We appreciatte your compehension while be sure we’d love to welcome you all! The procedure to come to our university -for research, teaching or training purposes- in general terms, is as follows:

  1. Staff should contact directly with one of the departments|units of our faculty which best corresponds to his/her training or study area.
  2. They have to inidacte exactly which is their interest.
  3. Each specific department|unit will provide him/her with an answer regarding the petition/interest of the professor and about the conditions or other important information they may need.

For training or teaching international mobility, please, find more information below. We appreciatte your interest in our institution!

For staff mobility for training purposes, depending on your interests regarding the training program, you should be contacting directly the relevant UB department or unit, where you would like to carry out your training. The International Relations Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business does not allocate staff willing to do a traineeship period at our institution nor organizes this kind of programs per request, as we receive a lot of petitions and it would be impossible to assume them in terms of resources, time and staff.

Also, in terms of staff mobility for training it may be of your interest to acknowledge that usually different departments and administrative units of the UB organize a staff week, and the application process is usually in January or February. You can check all the information about it at:

Also, as mentioned before, you can also contact any other area or department of our institution, according to the purposes of your mobility, to see if they can accommodate an staff training within their unit. Here you can find the links to the administrative office and departments of the UB:



If you or a professor at your institution is interested in coming to our institution, you will have to contact directly the departments of the Faculty. It should be them and their professors who must evaluate the possible accommodation of a visiting professor/lecturer in any of their courses or in the planned academic program. We recommend you to write to those professors an departments related to the expertise area of the visiting professor.

Please, find below all the relevant contact information in order to look for a professor at our institution who could allocate him/her on their courses, otherwise there will be no chance for a mobility for teaching purposes:


Specific expertise areas of each professor | Faculty of Economics and Business

An insight

In case you want to know further information about our Faculty, exchanges and international mobility, please check the following links:

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