The University of Barcelona was founded in 1450; it is the oldest university in Catalonia and one of the oldest in Spain. The UB is implicitly linked to the history of Barcelona and Catalonia and combines its historical dimension with its status as a leading, innovative educational institution. Its work contributes to the creation, transmission and diffusion of culture and of scientific, technical and professional knowledge, as well as promoting critical thought, freedom and pluralism. The UB offers a comprehensive range of courses adapted to the educational and professional needs of contemporary society, and has one of the largest intakes of students, professors and researchers from all Spanish universities.

According to the rankings, the University of Barcelona is one of the most reputable European institutions and, in addition, it is located in one of the best cities to study and live. The University of Barcelona offers students the opportunity of studying or researching in an institution completely integrated into the city. The UB campuses are spread out across the entire inner-city area, thus fostering a series of close ties between tour university and the city around us and enabling members of the university community to enjoy the the dinamism and richness of the city life. Barcelona, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, has a population of 1.6 million inhabitants and is one of the most important cities of Europe from an economic and social point of view. Our university combines the values of tradition with its position as an institution dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence: a university that is as outward-looking and cosmopolitan as the city from which it takes its name.

If you are interested in establishing an agreement with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, here you will have all the information you may need.


Become a partner institution

Over the years, our university has developed its profile as an international centre and we look forward to continuing on this path. The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona has been welcoming international students since 1995 and has ever since developed and broadened its network of partner universities. The internationalization of our Faculty is a key issue for us, as well as providing our students with the opportunity of exploring new cultures and learning environments through their participation in an exchange program. To achieve this goal our faculty is constantly searching for new quality partner universities.

The establishment of a bilateral agreement with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB allows the exchange of students between both institutions, for one semester or the entire academic year, without paying academic fees to the host institution.

The first step we take as a center is to assess the future and possible partnership between the two universities. Here, at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, ​​we are very careful to ensure that the curricula and courses offered by the potential collaborator are adapted to the needs of our students.

Evaluation process:

  • The fields of study offered by the collaborating university: bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which may be relevant depending on the academic offer of our faculty.
  • The list of specific courses offered to international exchange students, including the semester in which they are offered, their language of instruction and ECTS credits.
  • General information about the University (rankings, international recognition, awards and international qualification, etc.).
  • Specific information and facilities offered to exchange students (accommodation, language courses, website for international exchange students, etc.).

Once the aforementioned information has been received, the two universities will have to decide on the possibility of signing an agreement. Therefore, please send us all the necessary information, thus ensuring a correct assessment and a proper decision on our behalf.

When both parties decide to sign a bilateral agreement, we send a proposal for the agreement to the associated institution. Once both parties have agreed on the terms of the agreement as well as the number of students that each institution will exchange each academic year or the studty fields that will be included on the agreement, the two parties sign the bilateral agreement.

After the signing of the bilateral agreement, the two institutions become partners and the exchange begins on the established terms and conditions.

Every year, the UB’s Faculty of Economics and Business welcomes a large number of exchange students from other universities around the world. Our offer includes a high quality curriculum and extensive experience regarding the managment of international mobility:


Academic information

The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona has an educational offer of great quality, multidisciplinary postgraduate courses and a research department with more than 200 active researchers who form 34 teams that conduct outstanding and innovative research projects. All our programs and courses combine solid theoretical fundamentals with a consistent commitment to practical application. Apart from teaching and research, our academic staff actively participates in the administration and advisory of both businesses and public sector organizations. Our staff and research centers are often used by the media as a resource to comment on topical issues.

Find all the information about the position of our institution in the international rankings in the following link: International rankings

Our Bachelor Degrees are 4 years long, 240 ECTS, and we have a wide offer of courses in English:


Extensive experience with international exchange students

Every academic year our Faculty alone welcomes almost 500 international exchange students from other universities worldwide. On the international exchange students website we provide potential exchange students with all the information they need to ensure their success in the exchange process. Furthermore, thanks to our experience in this area we make sure international exchange students, not only have the opportunity of deepening their knowledge in their respective academic areas, but also enjoy and benefit from their exchange experience :

  • We have a comprehensive programme based on the many years of experience identifying and catering to the needs of international exchange students thought to make sure they will make the best of their stay here.
  • Throughout the year we organize a series of events specially designed to promote student interaction, such as the Buddy Programme, enabling the creation of a solid network of international and local students. We have a long and proven experience in making sure our international exchange students feel supported and embraced during their exchange at our institution.

Partner Universities

Discover the partner universities of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, we have more than 200 partners from all over the world:

Erasmus agreements

Bilateral Agreements


Information about exchanges at our Faculty

Check all the information we provide to international exchange students, from the main hallmarks of the university and our faculty to the application procedures, courses or accomodation:

Information for international exchange students