VENUE The Mirador, CCCB Barcelona, Spain


Authors should mount their posters as early as possible on the assigned day.

9th April, Day 1

Edurne Bernal-Berdun, Maria Plaza, Daniel Martin, Sandra Malpica, Pedro J. Perez, Belen Masia, Ana Serrano and Diego Gutierrez - A Taxonomy for D-SAV360, a Dataset of Gaze
Aileen O’Brien, Julia Hutchinson, Nik bin Fauzi, Michael Abbott, James Railton, Darren Bell, Sarah White, Jared Smith and Simon Riches - A Controlled Trial of Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy in Students for Exam Anxiety
Valerio Placidi, Matteo P. Lisi, Alisha Vabba, Althea Frisanco and Salvatore M. Aglioti - Anti-mafia hero embodiment as a tool to fight mafias: an immersive virtual reality study
Matteo P. Lisi, Martina Fusaro and Salvatore M. Aglioti - Artificial agents delivering pain and touch on the embodied avatar of human participants are socially evaluated depending on the stimulus valence
Provenzano Luca, Marina Scattolin, Giuseppina Porciello, Marina Serena Panasiti and Salvatore M. Aglioti - Bodily Self-Consciousness and dishonest behaviour in Digital Interactions
Alisha Vabba, Valerio Placidi, Matteo P. Lisi and Salvatore M. Aglioti - Cracking the “law of silence”: immersive virtual reality to study behavioral and neurophysiological response to mafia-type crime
Roberto Cuervo Rosillo, Telmo Zarraonandia Ayo and María Paloma Díaz Pérez - Creating Immersive Collaborative Experiences: an Architecture prototype
Ziwen Lu - Exploring Outdoor Augmented Reality Registration Error Evaluation
Michael Wiesing, Eckart Zimmermann, Eike A . Schmidt and Axel Buchner - Fourteen days of visuospatial training do not reduce motion sickness susceptibility
Tony Donegan, Beñat Amestoy-Alonso, Isaac Calvis, Edgar Rodriguez de la Calle, Ramón Oliva, Mel Slater, Andrés Combalía and Maria V. Sanchez.Vives - Virtual reality-assisted therapy for low back pain management
Artur Pilacinski, Sophia Bertoni, Gabriella Andrietta, Marita Metzler and Christian Klaes - Phantom touch illusion: how the brain provides apparent touch in the metaverse?

10th April, Day 2

Martina Fusaro, Arianna Vecchio, Luca Provenzano, Salvatore M. Aglioti - Exploring the analgesic effects of virtual and real touches: neurophysiological and behavioural evidence
Matteo Dal Magro, Pablo Pérez, Jesús Gutiérrez - eXtended Reality and Biosignals in the Therapy of Individuals with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities
Daniela La Foresta and Ilaria Bruner - Metaverse applications in learning processes: good practices and main challenges
Tobias Bieseke - Ndinguwe – I am you
Jose Ferrer Costa, Maria-José Ciudad, Maribel González, José Luis Rodríguez García and Julisa Cortes - Real-World VR Integration for Mild Cognitive Impairment Rehabilitation
Shachar Maidenbaum - Spatial features in human social interaction: emerging spatial patterns in online gatherings with spatial affordances
Jesús Gutiérrez and Pablo Pérez - Towards a recommendation for interactive test methods for subjective assessment of extended reality communications
Rachel Simnett, Aileen O’Brien, Ursula James, Owain Rich, Russell Mulchansingh, Katie Grayson and Zillah Watson - Developing an innovative VR solution for anxiety/stress relief using a co-design process with students
Mariachiara Tirinzoni - A Metaverse for a menstruating body - proposal for research
Maria Lipińska and Renata Włoch - Embodiment - in Virtual Reality: A Classical Sociological Theory Perspective
Géraldine Fauville, Anaïs Voşki, Marijn Mado, Jeremy N. Bailenson, Annika Lantz- Andersson - Underwater virtual reality for marine education and ocean literacy: technological and psychological potentials



Programme Committee

Mel Slater (Chair), Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella Martinez, Doron Friedman, Maria V. Sanchez.Vives, Matthias Quent, Michael Barngrover, Omar Niamut, Sylvia Pan


Euridice Alvaro (IDIBAPS), Alicia Ferrer (IDIBAPS), Dario Bellido (UB), Dr Cristina Pulido (UBNeuro)

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