2022 In-house IN²UB Excellence Symposium – 26th October 2022

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2022 In-house IN²UB Excellence Symposium

Venue: Aula Magna Enric Casassas, Faculties of Chemistry and Physics

Date: 26/10/22 – From 10h to15h

At In-house IN²UB Excellence Symposium we will count with the presentation of the Projects awarded in frame of the Program “Ajut a la Recerca Transversal” from IN²UB 2021 call and a plenary session by Dr. Susan Köppen, University of Bremen (Germany).

[Registration – Deadline: 20/10/22]


10h-10:15h Welcome

10:15h-10:45h ZOOMBIC – Zinc oxide-based optical modulator exploiting bound states in continuum. By, Dr. Jordi Gomis, Faculty Physics UB and IN²UB

10:45h-11:15h Phosphine Oxides as Selective Sensors for Lanthanide Cations. By, Dr. Júlia Mayans, Faculty Chemistry UB and IN²UB

11:15-12:00h    Coffee Break

12:00h-12:50h Modelling of hybrid Interfaces: What do they look like and does water play a role?. By Dr. Susan Köppen, University of Bremen

12:50h-13:20h Engineering Solid-State Device to Reversibly Switching ON/OFF the Magnetization with an Electric Field. By, Dr. Eric Langenberg, Faculty Physics UB and IN²UB

13:20h – 15h Lunch

Invited Speaker’s brief biography: Dr. Susan Köppen studied Biochemistry at the University of Greifswald, Germany. After her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, she joined the Hybrid Materials Interfaces Group at the University of Bremen, Germany with a DFG young researchers award for “Grenzflächen and grenzflächen-dominierenden Prozesse.” In this department, she established herself as a group leader with a strong focus on biomolecular modeling and modeling at solid liquid interfaces.

Sponsored by PhD program on Nanoscience UB

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