2nd Biology for Physics conference: ¨Biological Evolution and Nonequilibrium Physics: Close Encounters¨, 3-7 July 2022, Barcelona

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2nd Biology for Physics conference entitled ¨Biological Evolution and Nonequilibrium Physics: Close Encounters¨ to be held in Barcelona on the 3rd-7th July 2022, chaired by Professor Fèlix Ritort, researcher at the IN²UB and the Faculty of Physics UB. The event will be focused on the most general aspects of evolution from the perspective of physics.

The conference brings prominent scientists who have been working over the past years on biological evolution and to whom physics is an everyday source of inspiration to understand biology better. The conference will debate questions such as:  How can physics contribute to understanding evolution in biology? Are there hidden principles in biological evolution, or is evolution consequential by the physical and chemical forces we know? Instead, does natural evolution have the flavor of physical law, or is it just conditional for life to exist? The conference is a forum where recent scientific results are presented by the invitees but dressed in a way to convey to the audience a personal view on the aforementioned questions and to trigger discussion and reflection on them. The conference contents are organized under the umbrella of a few selected themes that all share the underlying playground of nonequilibrium physics at the core of biological evolution. Topics include physics, life, and information; statistical physics of biological landscapes and networks; molecular evolution, from nucleic acids to proteins; microbial and viral evolution to evolutionary ecology; multicellularity, growth, and development; proteomics, genetics, and cancer among others.

In addition to the invited talks, the conference will select a number of oral contributions on the basis of scientific originality and interest, plus ample time devoted to poster exhibitions by participants and researchers to promote exchanges and interaction between them and our invited speakers. Three prizes will be awarded to the best posters. The conference is a great opportunity for young researchers who want to have a broad overview of the current most relevant topics in evolution that are reshaping our way to understand the physical and biological world.

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