Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships

The aim of Postdoctoral Fellowships is to support researchers’ careers and foster excellence in research. The Postdoctoral Fellowships action targets researchers holding a PhD who wish to carry out their research activities abroad, acquire new skills and develop their careers. At the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the University of Barcelona (IN2UB), we welcome potential candidates to send Expressions of Interests to apply for MSCA-IF 2022 call if your research interest is in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

As Institute, we offer a unique, diverse and inclusive environment to successfully develop your research career by coordinating and enhancing multidisciplinary research among research groups from University of Barcelona working at the nanoscale. We are organized in seven major research lines:

1.Modeling, Simulation and Nanoscopic Methods (NanoMet)

2.Nanobioscience, Nanobiomechanics and BioNanotechnology (NanoBio)

3.Nanopharmaceutics and Nanomedicine (NanoPharmaMed)

4.Nanomagnetism and Spintronics (NanoMagnetics)

5.Nanoelectronics, Nano-optics and Nanophotonics (NanoPhotoElectro)

6.Nanostructured materials (NanosMat)

7.Nanoenergy: Production and Storage (NanoEnergy)

At the IN2UB we offer the opportunity to apply for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechology under the supervision of a researchers from the Institute, by contacting him or her directly expressing your interest.

Call Information

Expressions of Interests Deadline: 30.06.2022
Call Deadline: 07.09.2022