IN²UB Beatriz Galindo Research Seminar: 24/10/23 at 12h

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Deciphering molecular spin secrets: the resonance route from dilute solutions to spintronic devices

By, Dr. Valentin Novikov, Beatriz Galindo Researcher at IN²UB

24th October, 2023 at 12h
Aula Enric Casassas (Faculties of Physics and Chemistry UB)

(Chaired by Prof. Guillem Aromí, IN²UB and Faculty of Chemistry)

Abstract: In the past three decades, molecular magnetism has risen as a vibrant intersection for chemists who craft intricate magnetic molecules and quantum physicists who decipher the intricate spin dynamics within these compounds. Beyond merely showcasing synthetic creativity or theoretical expertise, molecular magnets are beginning to hint at potential applications in quantum information processing and molecular spintronics, though widespread practical use remains on the horizon. The polynuclear magnetic compounds, once the cornerstone of the field as giant spin entities, are now viewed as prospective quantum bits for quantum logic gates. Perfecting the magnetic traits of coordination compounds through molecular design remains an intricate challenge, where even minute alterations in organic ligands can precipitate new magnetic behaviors.
The success of such design hinges on a profound comprehension of these subtle changes. While magnetic resonance spectroscopy stands out as a potentially perfect tool to shed light on these nuances, only a fraction of its extensive capabilities is commonly employed in the design of molecular magnetic materials. This presentation delves into not just the standard spectroscopy techniques familiar to molecular magnetism, like CW and pulse EPR, but also ventures into the more exotic realms such as paramagnetic NMR or THz EPR. These diverse methods offer a holistic view on molecular magnetic materials, spanning their behaviors from dilute solutions to the finalized molecular spintronic devices.