Bachelor degreeG1001 Fine ArtG1002 DesignG1003 Conservation-Restoration of Cultural HeritageG1004 Degree in ClassicsG1006 Modern Language and LiteratureG1008 English StudiesG1009 SpanishG1010 LinguisticsG1011 Literary StudiesG1012 Arab and Hebrew StudiesG1013 Catalan PhilologyG1014 GeographyG1015 Social and Cultural AnthropologyG1016 HistoryG1017 Art HistoryG1018 SociologyG1019 EconomicsG1020 StatisticsG1025 Teacher of Early Childhood EducationG1026 Teacher of Primary EducationG1027 Social WorkG1028 Social EducationG1029 EducationG1030 Information and DocumentationG1031 BiologyG1032 Environmental SciencesG1033 BiotechnologyG1034 BiochemistryG1035 PhysicsG1037 Electronic Communication EngineeringG1038 ChemistryG1039 Chemical EngineeringG1040 Materials EngineeringG1042 MathematicsG1043 GeologyG1046 MedicineG1047 Dental graduateG1048 PsychologyG1049 PodiatryG1050 NursingG1051 PharmacyG1052 Food Science and TechnologyG1053 Human Nutrition and DieteticsG1055 LawG1056 Industrial RelationsG1057 Public management and administrationG1058 Political and Administration ScienceG1059 CriminologyG1060 PhilosophyG1067 ArchaeologyG1068 Audiovisual CommunicationG1070 G1072 Business Administration and ManagementG1074 Biomedical EngineeringG1075 Communication and Cultural IndustriesG1077 Computer Science and Software EngineeringG1078 Biomedical SciencesG1080 International BusinessG1085 G1090 Biomedical SciencesG1096 Geological and Environmental EngineeringG1098 G1100 BioinformaticsG1101 Arab and Hebrew StudiesG1102 Audiovisual CommunicationMaster degreeM0107 Advanced ImmunologyM0108 NeurosciencesM010B BiomedicineM010D Biomedical EngineeringM0204 Training of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign LanguageM0206 Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional EnvironmentsM0304 Cultural ManagementM0305 Cultural Heritage Management and MuseologyM0404 Molecular BiotechnologyM0509 Food Research, Development and InnovationM050C Food SafetyM0604 AquacultureM0605 Oceanography and Marine Environmental ManagementM070B Environmental EngineeringM070D Science and Integrated Management of WaterM070F Science and Integrated Management of WaterM0802 Nanoscience and NanotechnologyM0909 Direction of Conservation and Restoration ProjectsM090B Production and Artistic ResearchM090C Urban Design: Art, City, SocietyM0B08 Drug Research, Development and ControlM0B0B Health Care and Collaborative PracticeM0C0B Contemporary Thought and Classical TraditionM0C0D Pure and Applied LogicM0C0J Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and PoliticsM0C0K Cognitive Science and LanguageM0D0B Astrophysics, Particle Physics and CosmologyM0D0K MeteorologyM0F07 Research in Language and Literature TeachingM0G08 BiodiversityM0G09 Biological AnthropologyM0H02 Spatial Planning and Environmental ManagementM0J08 Digital Content ManagementM0K03 Advanced MathematicsM0M0C Educational Psychology - MIPEM0M0D People and Team Management and Development in OrganizationsM0M0Q Psychosocial InterventionM0M0S General Health PsychologyM0N09 Contemporary History and Today's WorldM0N0D Latin American StudiesM0P02 Internationalization: Economic, Commercial, Legal and Political AspectsM0Q04 Genetics and GenomicsM0Q05 Advanced MicrobiologyM0R08 Advanced Public ManagementM0R09 Business LawM0S07 Business ResearchM0S0C Sport Business ManagementM0S0D Creation and Management of Innovative Technology-Based CompaniesM0T07 EconomicsM0T08 Economic HistoryM0V02 Sociology: Social Transformations and InnovationM0W03 Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition in Multilingual ContextsM0W05 Specialized CommunicationM0X07 Ancient Cultures and LanguagesM0X08 Women, Work and Public PoliciesM0X0C Construction and Representation of Cultural IdentityM0X0D Medieval CulturesM0Z05 Reservoir Geology and GeophysicsM0Z06 Mineral Resources and Geological HazardsM1001 Leadership and Management in NursingM1205 Analytical ChemistryM1206 Applied Materials ChemistryM1207 Organic ChemistryM1209 Erasmus Mundus Master in Quality in Analytical LaboratoriesM1309 Citizenship and Values EducationM130B Digitally Mediated Learning EnvironmentsM130C Research and Educational ChangeM130J Social and Educational ActionM1702 Anthropology and EthnographyM1802 Advanced Studies in Art HistoryM2002 Teacher Training in Obligatory Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and LanguagesM2105 Contemporary Artistic CreationM2203 Ecology, Environmental Management and RestorationM2204 Environmental AgrobiologyM2206 Integrative PhysiologyM2304 Medicine, Health and the Healthcare SystemM2402 Theory of Literature and Comparative LiteratureM2403 Advanced Studies in Spanish and Latin American LiteratureM2503 Analytic PhilosophyM2606 Physical Activity and EducationM2608 M2609 Interdisciplinary Education in the ArtsM260D Education in Rural AreasM260F Teacher Training in Compulsory Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and LanguagesM2705 Music as an Interdisciplinary ArtM270B Urban TourismM270D Advanced Studies in ArchaeologyM270G Management of Mountainous AreasM2804 Translational MedicineM2806 Introduction to Mental Health ResearchM280D Clinical InvestigationM280F Advanced Medical SkillsM280G Principles of Care and Education for Diabetes SufferersM280H Chinese Traditional MedicineM280J Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nutrition, Chronic Diseases and Healthy AgeingM280K Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical EngineeringM2901 Psychology and EducationM2903 Management of Teaching CentresM2B03 Research in Behaviour and CognitionM2B04 Conflict MediationM2D01 Podiatric SurgeryM2D03 Applied Research Methodology in Nursing CareM2D04 Advanced Nursing Clinical PracticeMD303 Chemical EngineeringMD308 Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Modelling in Physics, Chemistry and BiochemistryMD401 Libraries and Heritage CollectionsMD4D6 Management and Direction of Libraries and Information ServicesMD4D8 Digital HumanitiesMD503 Actuarial and Financial SciencesMD504 Marketing and Market ResearchMD5D7 Economics, Regulation and Competition in Public ServicesMD5D9 Accounting and TaxationMD5DC International BusinessMD5DG MD5DH Economic HistoryMD5DL Erasmus Mundus in Global Markets, Local CreativitiesMD601 Political Analysis and Institutional AssessmentMD607 Legal PracticeMD60C Strategic Security and Police ManagementMD60D Professional Administrative ServicesMD60F Criminology, Criminal Justice Policy and Sociology of Criminal LawMD60J Advanced Legal StudiesMD703 Renewable and Sustainable EnergyMD704 Advanced PhysicsMD901 Fundamental Principles of Data Science