Revista Iberoamericana de Educación a Distancia CALL FOR PAPERS VOL. 27 (PUBLICATION: July 2024)

The Revista Iberoamericana de Educación a Distancia (RIED), calls for articles for a monograph on collaborative learning in digital environments. For this monograph of RIED, Vol. 27(2), it is proposed to expand and deepen the opportunities offered by online collaborative learning through research in which the following topics are addressed, among others:

  • Online Collaborative Learning Environment Design
  • Collaborative learning and online socialization
  • Online collaborative work assessment
  • Online interaction and knowledge building
  • Online collaborative work in formal learning environments
  • Online collaborative work in informal learning environments
  • Design and facilitation of online collaborative work processes
  • Etc.


  • Last day of referral of articles for this call: 30 November 2023.
  • For fully up-to-date work, it is strongly recommended that the article be sent only in November 2023, not earlier.
  • Official publication: July 2024. In OnlineFirst edition, articles could be published before that date, ready to be read and cited.

More information: