Estudios de Fonética Experimental Journal of Experimental Phonetics

Estudios de Fonética Experimental, XXXI (2022)

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Influence of orthography in production and perception of /b/ in US Spanish
Annie HelmsOrcid, Gabriella LicataOrcid, Rachel WeiherOrcid

Métricas del ritmo aplicadas al estudio dialectológico del español
Mario Casado-ManceboOrcid, José María Lahoz-BengoecheaOrcid

Phonetic characteristics of spontaneous speech in a total laryngectomized Italian speaker: Perspectives for speech enhancement algorithms
Chiara MeluzziOrcid, Sonia CenceschiOrcid, Francesco Roberto DaniOrcid, Alessandro TriviliniOrcid

Ukrainian rhotic consonants in comparison to Russian: An acoustic study
Dmytro HrytsuOrcid

L’interférence de la gémination dans la prononciation des étudiants arabophones apprenant le français
Ahmad NawaflehOrcid

Measurement of the VOT of voiceless plosives: Multiple bursts in Western Andalusian Spanish
Darío Barrera-PardoOrcid

Variazione socioprosodica nell’italiano regionale di Spilamberto (MO)
Alessia BaldiniOrcid

Brazilian Portuguese nasal vowels and their acoustic moments: Reflections on the phonological status
Bruna Teixeira CorreaOrcid, Giovana Ferreira GonçalvesOrcid, Izabel Christine SearaOrcid

Visualizing melody with multiple acoustic and tagging values using the visualization module of the Oralstats tool
Adrián Cabedo NebotOrcid

Dedialectalisation of intonational patterns of yes-no questions in León, Zamora, Salamanca and Palencia
Víctor Bargiela ZotesOrcid


“Ash” [æ] sound then and now: An overview of the current state of knowledge
Barbara GrobelnaOrcid

Notes and Reviews