Estudios de Fonética Experimental Journal of Experimental Phonetics

Instructions for authors

Topics and sections

The manuscripts submitted to Estudios de Fonética Experimental must be unpublished. They can deal with any aspect of experimental phonetics and, as a general rule, they will be included in the main section of the journal devoted to "Articles".

The manuscripts submitted for their publication in the section "Notes and reviews" are either reviews of publications related to any aspect of phonetics (both experimental or theoretical) or short notes on topics related to phonetics.

The manuscripts submitted for their publication in the section "Miscellaneous" address aspects of phonetics without using an experimental method, or present tools for phonetics, etc..


Manuscripts must be sent to The corresponding author has to submit three documents:

• an anonyimized copy of the article in .docx format (please note that it is compulsory to use this Word template, which contains detailed information for formatting the text),
• an anonyimized copy in .pdf format,
• a separate file with the name and surname, filiation, and email address of all authors.


Estudios de Fonética Experimental does not establish a maximum lenght for articles. Nevertheless, authors should refrain from exceeding the 40 pages limit.


Articles may be published in English, Spanish, French and Italian, as well as in Catalan and Galician. If you submit an article in Catalan, please make sure you follow the orthographic guidelines contained in the Llibre d'estil of the Unversity of Barcelona.


Estudios de Fonética Experimental does not apply any charges for publication, editing or inclusion of figures in the articles. Figures will appear in colour in the electronic edition of the journal; they will appear in black and white in the print version.

Preferred reviewers

Authors are welcome to suggest suitable reviewers and/or request the exclusion of certain individuals when they submit their manuscripts. When suggesting reviewers, authors should make sure they are totally independent and not connected to the manuscript in any way. It is strongly recommended that the authors suggest a mix of reviewers from different countries and different institutions. When suggesting reviewers, the corresponding author must provide an institutional email address for each suggested reviewer. Please note that Estudios de Fonética Experimental may not use the suggestions, but suggestions are appreciated and may help facilitate the peer-review process.

Code of conduct

Authors are invited to read the Duties of Authors contained in the Code of Conduct on the home page of the journal.