Estudios de Fonética Experimental Journal of Experimental Phonetics

Instructions for authors

Articles may be published in English, French and Italian, as well as in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Galician. The abstracts of the articles are presented in two languages: in English and in the language of the article (if the article is written in English, the abstract is in English and Spanish).

Original manuscripts must be sent to Specifically authors must submit two electronical versions of the paper: one in Word with author names and affiliations and the second in PDF blinded. In addition, authors must send a document with the title of the article, authors' names and affiliation, postal adress, telephone number and e-mail.

Authors must use this Word template, which contains detailed instructions in English. Additional instructions in English and in Spanish are available.

EFE does not apply any charges for publication, editing or inclusion of figures in the articles. Figures will appear in colour in the electronic edition of the journal; they will appear in black and white in the print version.