Misused English words and expressions in EU publications

L’extensió de l’ús de l’anglès afavoreix la proliferació d’usos poc genuïns d’algunes expressions, fins i tot a les mateixes institucions europees. Jeremy Gardner ha fet una llista de 127 expressions usades sovint incorrectament. Vegem-ne un exemple:


Explanation: ‘Adequate’ is frequently used with the meaning of  ‘appropriate’. However, its actual meaning is closer to ‘satisfactory’ or sometimes even ‘barely satisfactory’. An ‘adequate solution’ to a problem may not be the best one, but it will do. An ‘appropriate solution’ is one that is fitting. Finally, in English, we say that something is ‘adequate for’ something else, not ‘adequate to’.
Example: ‘The collection of the data during the reporting process should be adequate and proportionate to the objectives pursued’
Alternative: appropriate, suitable, fitting.

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