XL Congress of the Society of Pharmacology

The neuropharmacology Research team has attended the XL Congress of the Society of Pharmacology hold in Toledo  (September, 6-8th ).

PhD students presented four communications as a poster format

  1. Identifying putative I2 Imidazoline Receptor Target proteins By Using Cellular Thermal Shift Assay In Mice (Teresa Taboada)
  2. A novel sEH inhibitor reduces neuroinflammation and improves mitochondrial dysfunction, rescuing cognitive impairment in 5xFAD mice. Júlia Jarne-Ferre
  3. Characterization of m6A and METTL3 in different AD mice models. Alba Irisarri
  4. The communication Neuroprotective effects of G9a inhibition through modulation of PPARγ/GADD45α-dependent pathways by miR-128 presented by Aina Bellver was chosen for the teaser presentation of the poster in 4 min.

Christian Griñan-Ferré has presented the oral communication entitled Discovery of a Dual-Action of G9a Inhibitors for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Finally, Mercè Pallàs moderates a round table on New perspectives in neuropharmacology where she also presented the conference entitled I2 imidazoline receptors: validation as a target for Alzheimer’s disease treatment.