Dr. Rodolfo Lavilla

Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences
University of Barcelona & Institute of Biomedicine (IBUB)
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Rodolfo Lavilla

Rodolfo Lavilla is full Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Rodolfo studied Pharmacy and did a Master in Medicnal Chemistry at the Universoity of Barcelona.

Then he received is PhD in Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona under the supervison of Prof. Mercedes Alvarez and made a postdoctoral stay in the University of California, San Diego (Adisor Prof. Ernest Wenkert) and afterwards joined faculty in the University of Barcelona and started an independent career.

He has published over 120 research papers, review articles, book chapters and patents., and has given over 50 invited lectures in international congresses and research departments all over the world. His major research interests deal with reactivity issues in heterocyclic chemistry, multicomponent reactions and the organometallic chemistry of peptides; looking for applications in biological and medicinal chemistry programs.

He has active collaborations with pharmaceutical companies in medchem projects.
He has directed 12 PhD (4 with extrordinary awards) and around 35 Ms theses, and tutored over 25 postdoctoral fellows.

Mentoring is an important activity in the group, and several past memebrs are holding relevant positions in industry and academia. Rodolfo serves as reviewer for several Research Agencies (Catalunya, Basque Country, Castilla y León, Spain, France, Flanders, Latvia, Netherlands, Argentina, USA, etc.) and also for more than 40 scientific journals (Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Wiley-WCH, Bentham, etc).


Dr. Ouldouz Ghashghaei

Assistant Professor

Pau Nadal Rodríguez

PhD student

Eloy Lozano Baró

PhD student

Alumni (since 2022):
Anna Maria Schoepf  (Postdoc, 2023)
Marina Pedrola (PhD, 2022)
Alejandro Diaz (M.S, 2022)
Christina Martini  (Erasmus, University of Genova, 2022)
Diana Prado (Erasmus, Arkansas State University, 2022)
Athalie Ventura (Erasmus, Arkansas State University, 2022)
Prof. Federica Catti (Visiting Schloar, Arkansas State University, 2022)

Selected Projects

Multicomponent Reaction Platform for Reaction Discovery and Generation of New Biomed Compounds (2023-2026)
Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (PID2022-13918OB-I00).
212.000 €. Principal Investigator

Phosphoiminoproline LPIP, a Disease-Modifying Drug for Alzheimers Disease (2022-2024)
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (PDC2022-133441-I00)
130.000 €. Principal Investigator.

Multicomponent Reactions: Discovery, Development and Applications in Biomedicine (2019-2022).
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Spain: PID2019-107991RB-I00
95.000 €. Principal Investigator.

Identification, synthesis and toxicological evaluation of new antidetonating molecule (2018-2019)
Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (U. Barcelona). Licenced research .FBG 309799.
98.780€. Principal Investigator. Coordinator: F. J. Luque (U. Barcelona).

Development of new LRR8 / VRAC chloride channel inhibitors, a new key element in ischemia (2018-2020).
Fundació La Marató de TV3 (Spain). 247/C/2017
299.936,53 €. PI: Rodolfo Lavilla.

Deciphering pathogen-host interactions in the pathogenesis of cryptococcosis using optical methods and in vivo imaging techniques. (2016-2018).
ERA NET. DGICYT (Ministerio Economía y Competitividad, Spain-EU)). PCIN-2015-224.
46.000 €. Principal Investigator. Coordinator U.Himerich (U. Leuven, BE).


Facilitated Prepararion of Relevant Compoun in Biology (2015-2019).
DGICYT (Ministerio Economía y Competitividad, Spain): CTQ2015-67870-P
139.100 €. Principal Investigator.

DIGITAL – Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of patients with genetic diseases included in neonatal screening programs and other rare metabolic diseases” (2014-2017).
Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, desarrollo e innovación (Spain). Retos Colaboración 2014: RTC-2014-2412-1.
101.728 €. PI: Rodolfo Lavilla. Coordinator M. Martinell (Minoryx Therapeutics SL).

Marine natural products privileged structures for the discovery and administration of new drugs (2013-2015).
Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (Spain) (CTQ2012-30930). 738.000,00 €. Researcher. PI: F. Albericio (U. Barcelona)


Fluorogenic compounds, processes of preparation thereof and methods of use.
Marc Vendrell Escobar, Ramón Subiros Funosas, Lorena Mendive Tapia, Fernando Albericio Palomera, Rodolfo Lavilla Grifols, Rodolfo; Nick D. Read. PCT (Intl. Appl. 2016) WO 2016207626

Obtaining process, composition and use of modified peptide comprising at least one arylated tryptophan with anti-microbial activity.
Gonzalez, Rodrigo; Grifols, Rodolfo Lavilla; Cascone, Osvaldo; Palomera, Fernando Albericio; Iannucci, Nancy B. Argentinian patent Appl AR 97488 A1 20160316 (2016).


Heteroarylaminoioquinolines, methods for their preparation and therapeutic uses thereof. García Collazo, A. M.; Martinell Pedemonte, M.; Revés Vilaplana, M.; Lavilla Grifols, R.; Rodríguez Pascau, L.; Cubero Jordá, E. European patent Office. WO 2016/120808 A1 : PCT/IB2016/050413 (2016)

Di(hetero)arylamides and sulfonamides, methods for their preparation and therapeutic uses thereof. Barril Alonso, X.; García Collazo, A. M.; Aymamí Bofarull, J.; Revés Vilaplana, M.; Lavilla Grifols, R.; Martinell Pedemonte, M. European patent Office. EP 13382314.6 1454. PCT: EP2014/066392. (2014).


Prof. Raul Estévez Povedano, IDIBELL Barcelona, Medicinal Chemistry (anion channel blockers)
Prof. Joan Gil, U. Barcelona, IDIBELL, Cancer (selective apoptosis)
Prof. Rongrong Hu, South China U. Tech. Material Science (functional organic compounds)
Prof. F. Javier Luque, U. Barcelona. Computational Chemistry (reaction mechanisms)
Prof Dolores Velasco, U. Barcelona. Photophysics (photoswitchable probes)
Prof. Marc Vendrell, U. Edinburgh. Biological Chemistry (fluorescent probes)
Prof. Miquel Viñas, U. Barcelona, IDIBELL, Medicinal Chemistry (antibiotic resistance)
Prof. Thomas Haarmann-Stemmann, Leibniz Research Institute
for Environmental Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry (AhR signalling)


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