Languages and levels

Languages and levels (Common European Framework of Reference) that you can study with Rosetta Stone

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Initial levels (A1, A2 & B1)

  • Immersion method in the target language
    • Progressive activities that introduce new vocabulary and grammar structures based on the content you are leaning at the moment.
    • Speech recognition engine working in all activities, that will boost your confidence in your pronunciation and speech.
  • Activities to reinforce your language skills
    • Improve your confidence and expand your vocabulary with the software lessons.
    • Practice reading through fragments of stories adapted by levels.
  • General content
  • Content by level: Level1 · Level2 · Level3 · Level4 · Level5

Advanced levels (B1, B2 & C1)

  • Perfect your knowledge of the target language
    • More than 40 activity types in order to work on all kinds of language skills.
    • Boost your confidence with the speech recognition engine, that evaluates your pronunciation.
    • You will be able to tailor the learning content, based on your needs: everyday situations or professional situations.
    • Professional situations include specific content of medicine, economics, law and turism.
  • Content of German, American English, British English, Spanish, French and Italian.