David Bueno i Torrens

Science has a large impact on all aspects of our life. Making scientific culture accessible to non specialists must therefore be a social priority.





Doctor in biology.  Professor at Biomedical, Evolutionary and Development Genetics section of the University of Barcelona. Since October 2019, moreover, I hold theUB-EDU1st Neuroeducation Chair, the first in the world that is dedicated exclusively to this subject. Most of my professional and academic trajectory has developed in Barcelona, focused on developmental genetics and neuroscience, and their relationship between human behavior, especially during the learning processes. I have also been a researcher at the Universitat d’Oxford, and I have been at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg,  Germany, at the Universitat d’Innsbruck, in Àustria, and at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.

I teach on various subjects in the field of genetics, scientific communication, teacher training and neuroeducation, and I have published more than seventy scientific articles in scientific journals.
In the field of scientific dissemination, I have published twenty five books and esseys, along with various text books.
I regularly collaborate with various written media either in catalan ans spanish castilian (El Punt Avui, Ara i La República, among others), where I have written more than 750 articles, and in radio and television programs.
In 2010 was distingueshed with the European Prize for Scientific Dissemination “General Study”; in 2018 the Premio Magisterio for my contribution to neuroeducation;iIn 2019 I was distinguished by the Claustre de Doctors of the UB for my contribution to scientific dissemination; in 2021 I received the ASIRE Award for dissemination activities triggered by Neuroeducation Chair, and in 2022 the Joan Lluís Vives Award for the best science and technology book.

I have participated and I participate in various educational reflection and innovation projects promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Catalan Governement), and since 15 years ago I have been the coordinator of the subject of Biology of the Proves d’Accés at the Universitat a Catalunya, where I have potentiated the change of traditional memory questions for reflection and analysis questions in real contexts.

David Bueno i Torrens


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Departament de Genètica

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Universitat de Barcelona

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