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Medical examination. Occupational Medicine (Aulari Florensa, 8 – Tel. and fax: 934 02 45 97).

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    By virtue of the provisions in Article 22 of the Organic Law 31, of 8 November 1995, by which the UB guarantees to safeguard health according to the risks inherent in the workplace, and by virtue of the provisions of Organic Law 15, of 13 December 1999, on personal data protection, I hereby give my consent for the staff in the Medical Service Unit to carry out a Specific Medical Examination depending on my workplace and for the health data that are obtained in this examination to be incorporated in the Medical Service Unit file on preventive management.

    In addition, I have been informed that I have the right to access, rectify and withdraw these data, as explained in the aforementioned law, through written petition to the UB Medical Services Unit.
    I give my consent

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