Phonetics Laboratory Laboratori de Fonètica


Eugenio Martínez Celdrán

Emeritus Director
Emeritus professor
PhD in Philology (1974)

Research interests: prosody, acoustic phonetics (approximants, stops, voicing)

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Lourdes Romera Barrios

Tenured lecturer
PhD in Generative Phonology (1990)

Research interests: phonetics, phonology, intonation, phonological typology, laboratory phonology

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Victoria Novo Tovar

Administration officer
BA in History and Geography
Building "Josep Carner", office 5.9

Tel. (0034) 933135672



Simone Balocco

Tenured lecturer
PhD in Acoustics (2013), PhD in Electronic Systems Design (2013)

Research interests: deep learning, pattern recognition, signal processing

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Josefina Carrera

Tenured lecturer
PhD in Catalan Linguistics (1999)

Research interests: sociophonetics, L2 sounds learning, teaching phonetics, dialectology, oral communication

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Ana Ma. Fernández Planas

PhD in Linguistics (2001)

Research interests: electropalatography, dialectal prosody, forensic phonetics, clinical phonetics, Spanish and Catalan phonetics

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Juan María Garrido Almiñana

Tenured lecturer (UNED)
PhD in Spanish Philology (1996)

Research interests: theoretical and applied phonetics, prosody, speech technologies

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PhD students

María Cristina Armero Pérez

PhD student in Linguistics, Litterature and Translation (University of Málaga)
Advisors: Dr. Ignacio Moreno-Torres, Dr. Paolo Roseano

Research interests: prosody, intonation, language pathologies, acoustic phonetics


Jesús Bach-Marquès

PhD student (FI grant) in Catalan Linguistics
Advisor: Dr. Josefina Carrera

Research interests: phonetics, intonation, L2 learning, embodiment, prosody

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Francesco Rodriquez

MA student (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes grant & DAAD grant) in Cognitive Science and Language
Advisors: -

Research interests: acoustic phonetics, rhythm, intonation, stochastic Optimality Theory, G2P-transcription

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Peizhu Shang

PhD student (CSC grant) in Cognitive Science and Language
Advisors: Dr. Wendy Elvira-García, Dr. Paolo Roseano

Research interests: L2 Spanish intonation, Chinese prosody, teaching of intonation

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no internships.

Former members

Former undergraduate students (interns)