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Resources for Speech Therapy in Catalan

Here you can find some resources for speech therapy. The complete materials are in the Catalan version of this page.

Some of them are general, others have been designed as a companion of the book for the asessment of child language:

Fernández Planas, A.M.;Marro Cosialls, S.; Roseano, P.; Calvo, P.; Elvira-García, W.; Clavería Puig, M. A.(2016) Logoaudiometries infantils en català oriental central. Barcelona: Horsori. ISBN: 978-84-15212-62-1 DL: B18708-2017

Confusion matrix

Here you can find the audio and assessing handout for a complete assesment of speech in isolated sylables in Catalan.



[assessment handout]