A conference by the neuroscientist Gina Rippon on the brain and gender starts the cycle Debats UB: Feminism (s)

News in brief | 13-02-2020

On Thursday, February 27, the cycle Debats UB: Feminism (s) starts. It will last for months and will treat questions such as gender and the human brain, the history and current state of feminist movements, the role of women in economics and development, women and power, and violence against women. The session on the 27th will take place at 12.30 noon in the Aula Magna of the Historical Building and will include a conference by Gina Rippon, emeritus professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in Aston Brain Centre (Aston University), who will talk about gendered brain, how the world changes our brain and defines thinking according to gender conventionalisms.


The book by Gina Rippon, The Gendered Brain (Vintage Publishing, 2019), notes that biology does not play a central role when differentiating male from female brains. In the book, Rippon tells how stereotypes are around us from the moment we are born and it shows how these messages conform ideas about ourselves and even shape our brains.

The cycle Debats UB: Feminism (s) responds to the will to reflect and celebrate plurality and diversity of women and feminist movements. Like in Debats UB: Catalunya i Espanya, this is the second edition of the cycle, and with the new one the UB aims to become a meeting point to several sensitivities that coexist in our society and promote debate and words so as to favour understanding of conflicts and contribute to their resolution. At the same time, the UB wants to provide with an academic view of social worries, giving analysis tools and promoting collective reflection.