University of Barcelona

Genetics and Genomics

Placements, practiclas and laboratori exercises

The MGG is strongly devoted to practicals, laboratory exercises and research projects. There are several courses with integrated lab classes, demos and visits to facilities and equipments.

In addition, 30 ECTS are dedicated to the research project for the Master Thesis. For more information, go to the Master Thesis/TFM site.

Examples of practical courses

Advanced Techniques of Genetic Engineering

This course combines learning of some model systems for genetic research and practical demos in the facilities of the UB at the Clínic Hospital. Several techniques will be applied to model organisms and cell cultures. This image was taken by students of the 2019 course of the MGG.

This is a fully practical course where students prepare and analyze several embryos labeled with fluorescence markers. They learn learn how to drive a Confocal microscope and collect stacks of images to analyze them qualitatively and quantitatively. Students work in small grups of 2-3. This image was taken by students of the 2019-2020 course.

This hands-on course introduces the most relevant aspects of bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of genomic sequencing experiments (e.g., ChIP-seq and RNA-seq). Students are introduced to basic genome-wide visualization tools and to regulatory sequence-level analysis applications, within an interactive work context that promotes student participation without the need for prior programming knowledge.

A course that deals with concepts of genomics from LINUX operating system commands, Perl and R programming, as well as recording tools to register and reproduce computational analyzes.