University of Barcelona

Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management

Career opportunities

Both the UB and UPC, in their respective areas of specialization, make significant contributions to the research and technological development in marine issues carried out in Spain. In addition to these two universities, there are various significant Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) centres in Catalonia that undertake fundamental research in the marine environment (including the Mediterranean Centre for Marine and Environmental Research [CMIMA], which comprises the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Marine Technology Unit; the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, and the Blanes Centre for Advanced Studies [CEAB]); specialized Catalan Government research institutes, such as the Institute of Food and Agricultural Research, and engineering companies working in evaluation, project development and environmental surveys and studies on the marine environment, covering coastal engineering, geophysics, marine ecology, fisheries and aquaculture.

For decades Catalan universities have been producing graduates and doctors who have joined institutions and companies in the field, which in turn contribute, through collaboration agreements for work placements, to raising the levels of training and professionalism of graduates and education programs.