University of Barcelona

Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management


Pre-enrolllment period: From 5th of February to 17th June 2018

First enrolllment period: From 16th to 24th July 2018

Second enrollment period: September 2018

Students enrolled in the first enrollment period will have priority.

It will be admitted those candidates who intend to finish their undergraduate studies in July or September of 2018.

The pre-enrollment is done via internet in the official web of masters - Online pre-enrollment (pre-enrollment/ enrollment).

All the documents must be posted on the pdf format in the web. Documents recived by other means (mail, email or fax) not accepted.

Is reported that due to budgetary  University  adjustments, it is possible that in the course 2018-2019 some additional costs of travels and accomodations of some subjects fully practices that involves exits of some days out off the campus will be cover by the students.

Enrollment process

1- First of all, it is necessary to do the  online pre-enrollment (*).

(*) The pre-enrolment fee is 30,21 euros. This fee is not deducted from the final price of the enrolment.

Documents that must be submited for Spanish students to formalize the online registration:

1 -Certified copy of academic access

2 -Curriculum vitae

3 -Academic transcripts of studies (with the subjects and qualifications).

4 -Copy of NIF or Passport

Foreign students must submit the following documents legalized through diplomatic channels:

5 -The degree title, or equivalent degree and transcript (<> )
In the event that such documentation is not in spanish, it must submit the corresponding official translation (<>)

NOTE: foreign students, once accepted and prior to the completion of the registration must make a payment of € 211.97 (price 2012/13) as "Study equivalency diploma for foreigners admission to the master "

The coordination committee of the master will study the profile of each pre-registered student and, if it is necessary, will contact each of them for an interview.

3-Once you have released the list of accepted, there will be a survey of intended enrollment of subjects to study during the academic year 2018-19.

The masters commission will select the candidates considering:

1 - The academic records with the courses taken, the credits, and the grade, in the way that the weighted average can be calculated.

2 - The curriculum which contains data about the recived grants, collaboration in research projects, jobs, etc. as well as additional studies, including languages and level (this level for English must be a B1 or equivalent).

3 - Other information attached by the applicant as a personal letter of motivation and recommendation letters from people who have worked or studied.

This will be evaluated by the Masters commission following general criteria that will give the following weights to different criteria, in order to obtain an arrangement of the candidates:
- The adequacy of the degree and the academic record (65%)
- Complementary activities: scholarships, Erasmus stays, additional training (10%)
- Collaboration in research projects, companies, related to the topic of the Master (10%)
- Motivation letter of the student and letters of reference from academics and researchers (5%)
- Have practical experience in the sea (to be shipped, have qualifications or professional skipper recreational,diving qualification, etc) (5%)
- Possibility of interview (5%)

Admission is produced by the sort order according to the scores obtained.

Once candidates are admitted, the coordinator oversees student enrollment proposal, and can recommend not only which subjects to study in their own master in the interests of the student and career of origin, but it may recommend to register a subject of a related master who can supplement training in the desired direction.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE: IN ORDER TO REGISTER TO THE OFFICIAL MASTER IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE CLOSED THE ACADEMIC RECORD AND HAVE PAID THE RIGHTS OF TITLE. The originals of theses documents must be  submit in a maximum term of two weeks from the start of classes, to the Office for Students and Teaching at the Faculty of Biology. In case of not do that, will receive a reminderemail within 10 days, if they have not taken the enrollment will be cancel.