University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Aquaculture

Organization and teaching methodology

Different methodologies will be used, which are detailed below. The specific activities to be carried out are explained in the teaching plans of each subject.

  • Theoretical classes: exposition of the content of the subject orally partly by a professor or by a professor without the active participation of the students.
  • Conferences: public exhibitions on a scientific, technical or cultural theme by invited experts
  • Exhibition classes: oral presentation of a topic or work by one or more students. On occasions it is complemented by a previous written presentation
  • Research of information: actively organized so that the student can access the documentary fonts and the publications of interest, allow the acquisition of skills and related attitudes to the information obtained.
  • Case studies: method of utilizing to study an individual, an institution, a problem, etc. in a contextual and detailed way (to develop the analysis processes). It is also a simulation technique in which the student has to make a decision regarding a problem (it is a case of a conflict that needs resolves: unfolding strategies for solving complex problems).
  • Work in groups: learning through the collaboration between the members of a group
  • Written work: presentation of a written document that allowed the development of the capacity for analysis and synthesis with the creation of their own criterium based on prior information
  • Learn based on problems: use the method that promotes the apprentice based on problems as a method of prompting the application from real-life selection problems. It is necessary that each student identifies and analyzes the problem, asked questions to make them the object of learning, sought information about how to donate, responds to and interacts, socialized in addition to advising on the subject's competencies.
  • Practices: They allow the students to apply and configure, at the level of real work, the theory of a connection field in a concrete context. Laboratory practices will be carried out during the subject program.
  • Visits to aquaculture centers. They will be carried out to assess the knowledges acquired