University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Aquaculture


Assessment system

Elements to be evaluated

  • Paper instruments: examination, objective tests
  • Work carried out by the student: memories of practices and theory, dossiers, resolution of cases and problems, critical comments on articles, questionnaires on conferences
  • Oral tests: realization and oral defense of a paper or poster
  • Practices and outings
  • Instruments based on observation: checklists, estimation scales, records.
  • Attendance and participation in theoretical and practical classes

The final grade for the Master is obtained from the average obtained in the three teaching modules to perform in each of the universities and the note of the Master's Final Project

To ensure the achievement of the objectives, the Master in Aquaculture offers a variety of teaching methods.

In all the specific training modules using a high variety of assessment tools:

  • Instruments paper (examination, questionnaires choice between different answers, true / false distinctionpairing ...) as well as objective tests (simple answers, complete the phrase ...), testing, and concept maps and similar activities application, case studies and problem solving.
  • Oral tests and interviews or tests, pooled, exhibitions
  • Tools based on observationcheck listsrating scales or records.
  • Work performed by the student reports, dossiers, projects, learning portfolio
  • Instruments of co-evaluation