University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Aquaculture

Support and guidance

Support actions and guidance are developed in the preliminary studies during their development and in the final phase, as well as situations in which students have specific needs.

Events in the initial phase of the master studies:

  1. Activities of presentation of the master: Information sessions for students pre-registered on the structure of the master and guide to the online enrollment process.
  2. Collaboration with host activities for students in mobility programs enrolled in UB.
  3. Collaboration with the coordinators of mobility programs.

Actions during the development of Master's programs:

  1. Personal attention to students to guide and help to increase academic performance, especially regarding their itinerary curriculum and expanding their educational horizons, in a confidential and respect for their autonomy.
  2. Information relevant to the student training placements outside the UB (Erasmus, or equivalent), scholarships, other offers master ....
  3. Information Tutorials on the research offered to carry out experimental and companies and aquaculture facilities that could host pilot trainees.

Shares in the final phase of studies:

  1. Training programs and guidance for employability and for the continuity in other studies.
  2. Information on SAE resources related to job placement.
  3. Personal attention to guide the student, especially regarding their employability and continuing studies especially in the introduction to the completion of the doctoral thesis

Actions aimed at supporting pupils with specific characteristics or profiles
Students with disabilities, with excellent performance, athletes etc ... and actions designed specifically to inform and support students.