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Information for the student – Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration


Flooded forest - Master

Welcome to the degree's site.

It has a study load of 60 credits (which can be completed in 1 or 2 years, as best suits the student) and offers two specializations:

  • Management and Restoration of the Natural Environment

This specialization is intended for future professionals who want to work in management or as environmental consultants. It provides the skills to implement and oversee restoration projects and to apply preventive and corrective techniques to address various aspects of environmental degradation.

  • Ecology

This specialization is intended for future researchers, offering advanced multidisciplinary training (conceptual and methodological) in the study of populations, communities and ecosystems and in the restoration of ecosystems.


The programme also includes a wide range of specific optional subjects that enable students to build their own learning experience. Students are offered the chance to complete the compulsory Final Project (TFM) in research centres, universities, private companies and the public administration.