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Information for the student – Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration

Support and guidance

Support and orientation actions 

Support and orientation actions are carried out in the pre-Master phase, during its development, and in its final phase; as well as in certain situations where students require specific needs:

1. Support actions in the initial phase of the master's studies:

  • Written communication addressed to pre-registered students about the master's structure and advising during the online enrollment process.
  • Collaboration in the reception activities for those students who are eligible for mobility programs and enrolled in the UB.
  • Collaboration with the mobility program coordinators of the University of Barcelona.


2. Support actions during the development of master's studies:

  • Personalized attention to guide and helping to increase the strudent's academic performance, especially for their curricular itinerary and expand their training horizon, always within a framework of total confidentiality and respect.
  • General information of interest to students: training stays outside the University of Barcelona (Erasmus program or equivalent), scholarships, other offers abroad ...
  • Informative tutorials on TFMs that are offered so that they can be carried out in Universities and/or in Research Centers; or in Private Companies that have an agreement with the University; and also for those students who wish to do extracurricular practices in private companies.


3.  Support actions in the final phase of the Master’s studies:

  • Training and orientation actions for professional insertion and for the continuity in other similar studies.
  • Information on the possibilities related to labor insertion.
  • Personalized attention to guide students, especially in terms of professional integration and continuity with their curriculum, especially for those who wish to do a doctoral thesis.


4. Support actions to help those students with specific characteristics or profiles:

  • Actions specifically aimed at informing and supporting foreign students.
  • Students with any specific handicap.