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Information for the student – Advanced Immunology

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For admission to the Advanced Immunology Master, students must be able to demonstrate: knowledge of human and animal anatomic structures, knowledge of the main animal physiological systems, in-depth knowledge of molecular and cell biology at the level of signal transcription, translation and transduction processes, knowledge of the structures involved in the recognition of cell-cell interactions, knowledge of the cell cycle. In addition, students should have received previous training in the more general aspects of pathologies such as cancer, auto-immunities, hypersensitivities, graft rejection, immuno-deficiencies and the pathological phenomena associated with alterations of the immune system.

To be admitted to this postgraduate course students must have a degree in either Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, or an equivalent qualification in the biomedical sciences, awarded by a European university or a university in any other country, provided they have been granted prior authorization or recognition by the university.

All graduate applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding of immunology, and a good grounding in cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology.