University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Advanced Immunology

Pre-registration, Selection, Admission and Registration Processes

To access to the master must first perform the on-line Pre-registration (dates), and to provide a set of documents listed in the tables at the end of this web page (for Spanish candidates or for foreign applicants). The master selection committee will resolve the pre-registration quieries according to the selection criteria (see sub-paragraph 1), and published on the website of the master the list of candidates selected (dates). Once admitted, the student shall perform the on-line Registration (dates) according with the requirements specified in sub-paragraph 2.

1) Selection Criteria
The criteria that are applied for selection of students are (score out of 10):
- Academic Marks: maximum 4 points. (Students must demonstrate a basic knowledge of immunology, and a base of cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology). Students with a degree obtained outside Spain and want to equate the media to the Spanish note, should make the process of "Equivalence of average marks of university studies carried out in foreign centers" of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport LINK.
- To have prior training in Immunology (will take into account the mark): maximum 3 points
- Professional or previous research training experience in companies and research centers: maximum 2 points.
- Letter / s of reference: maximum 1 point.

2) Requirements to access the online enrollment proces
To complete the REGISTRATION
Spanish students:
- Copy of the degree certificate or equivalent.
Foreign students:

- Copy of the title and transcript (both documents legalized through diplomatic channels to students from outside the European Higher Education Area; students that their country has signed the Hague Convention only necessary that the title and the certificate states the Apostilla of The Hague).
- Official translation of the title and the transcript to those who are not in Catalan, Spanish or English.