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First on-line pre-registration period: Links will be published in appropiate dates
LINK to Pre-register process: Catalan, Spanish, English
Due to the deadlines and difficulties for obtaining visas and other academic processes, students who do not belong to the European Higher Education Area, will only be admitted for pre-registration in the FIRST PERIOD.

from 01/02/2023 until 11/06/2023

Resolution of accepted students from the 1st pre-registration period:
Accepted Students ;
Students on Waiting List ; Non Accepted Candidates


First on-line Registration period:

LINK to Registration process (when entering look for the name of the master)

from 13/07/2023 until 28/07/2023
Second on-line pre-registration period: Llinks will be published in appropriate dates
Catalan, Spanish, English (then choose the language)
from 12/06/2023 until 03/09/2023
Resolution of students accepted from the 2nd pre-registration period:
Accepted Students; Non Accepted Candidates
Second on-line Registration period:
LINK to Registration process (then choose the language)

 from 13/09/2023 until 18/09/2023