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Information for the student – Advanced Immunology

Job offers 2023-2024

Updated 26/10/2023

In this space will be posted those ads related with relevant PhD scholarship offers, post-doc positions, contracts, etc., related or possibly related to the area of Immunology. Keep in mind that the Master in Advanced Immunology website has a link associated with the grants of various agencies in addition to those announced in this section. (The date indicates when the ads have been posted on the website or when it completes the period of admission).


  1. Offer of 12 PreDoc positions. Inborn Errors of Immunity/Primary Immunodeficiencies. IMMERGE, Europe (deadline: 03/12/2023 12pm) Document

  2. Offer of 1 PreDoc position. Metabolism of macrophages and dendritic cells. Madrid-CNIC (deadline: 31/12/2023) Document