University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Advanced Microbiology

Support for studying

  • Accommodation
    The UB can help students to find accommodation in Barcelona: UB-owned, UB-associated student hall of residence, private centres. The Barcelona Centre Universitari (BCU) and the saving bank the Catalunya Caixa also run two accommodation programs: Viure i Conviure i el Lloguer Solidari. Follow this link
  • Health and accident insurance
    The University of Barcelona (UB) within the Master’s enrollment includes the Mandatory Student Insurance. Information in relation its coverage can found in the following link and more detailed in the following link. In addition, the UB give the possibility of hiring a Voluntary Insurance with more extensive coverage that can be consulted in the following link.


The support and guidance to students was made through specific information and assistance programs to students enrolled in the University of Barcelona that provide the Student Service  (SAE).

These actions are managed by the Master Coordinator and follow the guidelines of the Supervision Program. Among their objectives are the information and guidance of students, especially those from other universities, to provide information in relation to the operation of the Master and service of the University of Barcelona. The information was focused to help troubleshoot, that can arise in the course of the Master, as well as to increase the academic performance and the involvement in the University.