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Credit recognition

The rules of recognition and transfer approved and published by the University of Barcelona are in the URL

The Governing Council of February 12, 2012 approved the amendment of the rules and criteria for the recognition of university master studies adapted strictly to the amendment of Royal Decree 1393/2007 (Royal Decree 861/2010).

This regulation takes into account all the consideration referred to the Royal Decree 861/2010 and specifies which are under consideration:

  • Credits obtained in official courses completed before, in the University of Barcelona or any other college, except for the Final Master Project.


  • Credits taken in higher education courses leading to qualifications under article 34.1 of law 6/2001 of universities and also, work experience, whenever it is in relation to competencies in the degree that student is enrolled.

This recognition is not exclusively on the adequacy of competencies and contents of subjects that student has overcome, related to subjects defined in the curriculum of the master to which access, but partial recognition of credits can also be solved. In this case, resolution have to include the subjects that student must take to complete the credits of the master.