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Chemistry is one of the branches of science that most contributes to the welfare of developed societies. Indeed, in the contemporary world it is difficult to find a technological, industrial or scientific area that does not require chemistry either directly or indirectly. Such basic processes as the development of a new product – pharmaceutical or other –, water purification, or analysis of the air we breathe, are essentially chemical in nature.

The University of Barcelona’s bachelor’s degree in Chemistry provides a solid grounding in the fundamental areas of chemistry. The course is designed to train competent, qualified professionals, capable of fulfilling professional roles in both their industry and in education. It also serves as a starting point to access more specialized postgraduate studies, focussed on research, development, and innovation.

According to various national and international rankings, the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Barcelona is the best place in Spain to pursue this bachelor's degree, being rated among the top 100 worldwide.

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Branch of knowledgeSciences
Approximate price per credit25,04 €