University of Barcelona

Chemical Engineering



The level of interest in Spain, and particularly in Catalonia, in the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering is directly related to one of the country's most important productive areas: the chemical industry, which contributes more than 10% of gross national product.

In addition to meeting the needs of the chemical industry (engineering for R&D, projects, production, design, products, marketing and sales), the course also trains professionals who become involved in the development of emerging industries, in fields such as biotechnology, polymers and electronic materials.

According to the 2016 QS Rankings, the University of Barcelona is the best Spanish university in the area of Chemical Engineering, ranked among the top 150 worldwide.

This degree qualifies graduates to practice the regulated profession of Industrial Engineer, specializing in Industrial Chemistry (Decree CIN/351/2009, BOE 20/02/2009).

The University of Barcelona’s Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering is accredited by the Government of Catalonia (15/12/16), with excellence in terms of the teaching staff involved in this training.

Basic information
Branch of knowledgeEngineering
Faculty or schoolFaculty of Chemistry
Approximate price per credit39,53 €