The degree of Chemistry is the best positioned in the new ranking of the newspaper "El Mundo"

News | 09-05-2019

The Chemistry Degree of the Faculty has been positioned as the best of all the Spanish state in the new ranking of the newspaper El Mundo. This classification individually examines fifty degrees, of which the UB teaches thirty-five and, four of them, are in the first position.

The World annually analyses the 50 most requested degrees by students and highlights the five best state universities, public or private, where to study them. The results of the classification are based on the data obtained through the same universities (on the demand, the available resources, the curricula and the results obtained, as well as other contextual data), questionnaires for teachers and other objective indicators such as the international rankings or the reports of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). Each of these aspects weighs, respectively, 50%, 40% and 10% in the final result of each degree.